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Online business manager for coaches

It’s time to finally get the support to grow your business peacefully and with ease! (Because doing everything yourself or worrying about missing things if you take time off is stressful and ineffective.) Meet your personal project manager who helps you focus on what you do best…coaching.

Ali Rand founder of Live In Your Genius digital agency

Earn More Income, Consistently

Easily launch new programs, create raving fans, and save money with automation.

Take Guilt-Free Time Off

Spend time with your family knowing your business is running smoothly

Do Only What Lights You Up

Be excited to fall asleep each night because you can't wait for tomorrow

online business management for coaches

obm + digital agency for coaches & service providers

More done in months than years on your own

You’re amazing at transforming lives – now it’s time to bring that high-vibe experience to every touchpoint in your business. Let go of your day-to-day worries, focus on your coaching sessions, and get more potential customers. 

We get your business backend flowing seamlessly, so you spend less time in the details, and more time living in your zone of genius.

Time to implement everything you’ve been planning with your business coach
Meet your online business manager...

We make it easy and simple for you to be the visionary CEO of your biz​

As your Online Business Manager + Marketing Agency, we handle your energy-draining backend tasks so you do ONLY what you want to do! 

You get to live in your zone of genius every single day.

Have your business thrive with our wide ranging services so you also help your clients achieve their goals.

Here's how we do that together:
Business Strategy support for business owners

Business Strategy

We figure out what your next best steps are in a clear roadmap so you achieve your big goals

Operations management for coaches

operations management

From client tracking to invoicing and billing, be the visionary while we handle the backend logistics and business optimization

Client Experience Improvement for entrepreneurs

client experience improvement

Deliver 5-star customer service that wows your clients so they keep coming back & give ready-to-buy referrals

Design and marketing agency for coaches

design & marketing

Stand out from the crowd with elevated graphics & branding for social, email, and more! Spend no more time marketing coaching services, leave it to us!

Sales systems provided for business success

no-ick sales systems

Let's figure out and improve how you convert visitors into buyers in a way that is authentic for you

Website and tech support for coaches

website & tech

Have your website and landing pages work well, look amazing, and have everything you need to support and grow your biz

Lead generation for coaches

lead generation systems

Attract a steady flood of eager leads into your offers so you have a full pipeline of clients in your target audiences.

Automation workflows from our digital agency

automation workflows

Forget writing the same email over and over again and other manual tasks. Let's create scalable workflows on autopilot!

Launch support for coaches

launch support

Get the support you need for stress-free launches that you actually are excited for as you only do what you LOVE

Client & Project Management

  • Pipeline (leads, clients) tracking & management
  • Client onboarding & offboarding
  • Client management & support
  • CRM (ex. Dubsado, Honeybook) setup & management
  • Breaking down big projects into small, actionable steps
  • Creating & managing project timelines & due dates
  • Creating tasks for team or clients
  • Ongoing communication about project
  • Updating project tasks upon completion or changing priorities

Admin Support

  • Inbox management and client support
  • Schedule & calendar management
  • Sending contracts
  • Sending proposals
  • Invoicing and billing
  • General research
  • Proofing and editing copy or emails
  • Membership management
  • Podcast guest management
  • Email/newsletter scheduling
  • Social media scheduling
  • Sending client and team gifts
  • Managing giveaways

Operations Management

  • Big ideas/goals and vision support
  • Goal setting, delegating & executing 
  • Creating & simplifying systems and automations/workflows
  • Creating & using Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents (explain how things are done in your business, step-by-step)
  • Day-to-day operations support
  • Money management support
  • Developing revenue streams 
  • Profitability tracking
  • Monthly analytics tracking

Team Support

  • Hiring team members
  • Onboarding and offboarding team members
  • Performance management
  • Organizing roles in teams
  • Regular team communication & check-ins

Tech & Website Support

  • Setting up automations
  • Setting up applications, forms, surveys, assessments, etc.
  • Setting up quiz funnels
  • Creating landing pages
  • Creating lead magnets
  • Creating webinar/masterclass funnels
  • Creating courses & new products
  • Creating sales pages & checkout pages
  • Creating new website pages
  • Setting up domain & email addresses
  • Tagging & segmenting email marketing lists
  • Tech support & troubleshooting
  • Monthly website maintenance & updates
  • Website design
  • Improving SEO

Marketing & Design

  • Creating your content calendar
  • Content creation & repurposing
  • Email marketing strategy & management
  • Social media management
  • Launch strategy & support
  • Pitching to guest podcasts or blogs
  • Podcast guest management
  • Promo email copy
  • Sales page copy
  • Email welcome sequence copy
  • Blog & newsletter design
  • Email headers & templates design
  • Media kits & speaker one-sheets design
  • Presentations/slides design
  • Podcast graphics
  • Social media graphics
  • Welcome packets & proposals
  • Lead magnets & eBook design
"Ali is a complete dream to work with. She’s taken my brand to a whole new level of love!"

“When I first reached out to Ali, my brand felt disjointed. My website was several years old and didn’t reflect the power I bring to my business coaching clients.
Ali built me a gorgeous website, several sales pages, social media graphics, and more!

Every time I get a design from her, I’m in absolute awe because it’s SO good. In the first year of working with Ali, I’ve been able to launch 5 programs. This is a huge win because before, technology and design would have slowed me down. Not anymore!


You're ready if:

ready to work with online business manager
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you want a real work/life balance

You want to grow your business in a stress-free way with enough time to enjoy family & personal time.

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feel you're always playing "catch up"

There are never enough hours in the day to get all your projects and tasks done...the to-do list never ends.

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you don't want to be the bottleneck

You feel you're holding your growth and projects back with everything that lands on your plate

The Live In Your Genius


here's what you get:

Complete Business Audit & Organization

We're going to know your business as well as you do after this, and make it organized so your whole team can find all the key info.

Quarterly Planning Parties 🎉

Bring out the margaritas as we have a blast dreaming BIG and setting exciting fun goals...backed up with clear action plans to get it all done!

Two Monthly Strategy Calls

Here is where we'll reconnect and celebrate wins, go over any questions and review what's been worked on.

Done-For-You Project Implementation

Get our team's support in all your marketing, operations & admin tasks and projects
Get Started

Packages start at $1.5k/month

Limited Spots Available


The Process

What happens when you click the button…

step 1: see if we're a good fit

Discovery Call

We jump on a Zoom call where we talk about your business and see if we're a good fit to be your online business manager. You're free to go another way if that's your decision.

discovery call for online business management for coaches
deep dive from agency for entrepreneurs

step 2: learn about your business

Deep Dive

On this call, we learn all about your business - from your operations to marketing, to team & admin, and more. Then after, we audit everything and start to get a plan in place.

step 3: get our goals

Kick-Off Party

This is where the magic happens! We come up with our goals and game plan for the next 90 days, including what things in your zone of genius you'll be up to!

kick-off party to start online business management
Are you ready for...
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revived fun & passion

Our goal is for you to live every day in your zone of genius, doing ONLY the work you actually love to do!

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more sales & profit

From reduced expenses to more income, you benefit without adding more to your plate

black checkmark

more free time

With your projects delegated and to-do list cut down, your spacious schedule gives you true time freedom (so take that hot bath on a Tuesday afternoon guilt-free).

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happy clients & raving fans

We focus on delivering exceptional service, client happiness, and building a community of fans who can't help but sing your praises.

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unplugging without fear

Relax with quality family time and say goodbye to working nights, weekends, and holidays. We've got you covered!

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your business on autopilot

We automate and develop clear systems that save you time and money. No more waiting for your VA to send an email or letting things fall through the cracks.

black checkmark

developing your CEO mindset

You get to focus to curating your dream business and everything that that entails. We encourage you to dream big!

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lightened workload

With automations & delegation, you get more done without you doing it all anymore. Focus on your strengths and get rid of everything else that was stressing you out (...like sales page copy)

online business manager for coaches & service providers

Satisfaction Guarantee

Wanna know a secret? We want to be your business BFF… and a partner in achieving your dreams and ambitions.

That’s why your satisfaction is our top priority. Whether that’s revisions to graphics or reworking the copy or something else, we work to make it to your complete satisfaction. Because, afterall, your happiness is our happiness. 

*See engagement contract for terms and conditions

This is for you if...

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You’re feeling overwhelmed, out of your element, and spreading yourself too thin

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You want to streamline the behind-the-scenes so you can deliver to clients in a more efficient and upleveled way

black checkmark

You’re desiring to shift your CEO focus from meeting time and client work to vision building and business growth

black checkmark

You want to welcome in more wealth and make a bigger impact on your clients

black checkmark

You want to focus solely on the skills you are good at and excited about (a.k.a. living in your genius zone!)

more free time working with online business manager
work with our marketing agency for coaches
digital agency for coaches and creatives

who We work with

we are the online business manager for coaches, consultants, creatives, and service providers ready to scale their businesses

You're one of us if...

you care deeply about your clients and providing unforgettable value


you believe strongly in collaboration & community. A rising tide lifts all boats!


Your growth mindset means you are open to play and experiment in your business


You value open & honest communication...even in the tough times as it's the only way to grow


You know solid foundations are the only way to build for lifelong growth. Through continuous small improvements, we compound success!

online business management for entrepreneurs
"I have seen an increase in views and higher rankings online."

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a return on my investment?

Piecemealing a team consisting of VAs, graphic designers, web developers, and more would likely cost way more than your monthly investment with us as an online business management agency. You'd also spend significant time managing all those moving parts instead of focusing on revenue-generating activities. Most importantly, optimized systems and strategies boost your revenue and profits in the long run.

What if I have a one-off project I'd like your help with (i.e. don't need monthly support)?

We totally get it if you just want help with a project (ex. getting a course setup, launching a membership/community, improving your client experience, etc.) and not ongoing online business management or agency services. Just book a call here and we'll talk about your project on the call.

Why should I work with your OBM agency vs. someone else?

I've been behind-the-scenes working with entrepreneurs and primarily coaches since 2017. I know your world inside and out. Other digital agencies don't have that specialized knowledge. I also still work with most of my clients because I value creating partnerships and providing honesty. You don't get, "Yes, yes, yes..." if I don't believe that's the best direction for you.

How much time needs to be invested?

Most clients experience more free time because they recover hours previously spent on marketing, admin, and operations. But they know that it takes some time investment in the beginning. So, the initial onboarding month has 2 calls (they're fun though!) and homework questionnaires that take 1 to 2 hours on average. After that, we meet once or twice a month based on your preference, and the rest of the communication is done online!

When should you hire an Online Business Manager?

There's no one-size-fits-all business owner that has to make $X and have 5 team members. For example:

  • You may have several VAs or contractors on your team, or maybe you're running it all yourself.
  • You may already have some systems in place in your business or you feel it's all disorganized and nothing is running smoothly.
  • You may have a few products or services, or you may have an extensive offer library.
It comes down to whether this support is the best next step for business growth based on your budget, time, and your values. Whatever your case may be, we figure out how to best grow your business and make life much more enjoyable for you!

What if I have been burned by other VAs or OBMs in the past?

We've been there, too! Not fun...but because we've experienced it, we prioritize transparency and your satisfaction. Whether that's giving you client references, flexible trial periods, and clear communication and deadlines. Our commitment is to build a relationship founded on trust, and providing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. So if you have any specific concerns, we work together to ensure a successful collaboration.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, while some clients enjoy paying for six months in full, you may pay monthly as well, via credit card or PayPal. We also accept bank transfers for international clients or those who prefer ACH.

How soon can we start?

YES!!!! I'm so excited you're ready to go! I'm here for it! So the next step would be to book your discovery call because we only onboard/enroll one client a month to make sure you have our full focus. We may be booked out 1-2 months into the future, but we'll let you know on the call to find your official start date.

If you're still reading...

You have two options:

You could continue handling all your own marketing, operations, and technology…while continuing to sacrifice your precious time and energy.

You could keep pushing daily, just to keep up…while your business lags behind its true potential.

You could stay overwhelmed trying to do it all…when your genius is in serving clients.


You could finally hand off the busywork and back-end details. (Feel that weight lifting from your shoulders?) 

Reaching your revenue goals is now possible…without the years of uphill battle.

Seeing your polished website, social media, and email marketing gives you a burst of excitement – it fully represents your brand. You confidently promote your offerings far and wide, knowing each new lead is guided seamlessly into becoming a perfect client.

Your business runs smoothly from first contact to final sale, leaving you energized to pour into your ideal clients. 

You’re aligned with your purpose, operating in your genius zone…while we handle the rest.

You’re free to choose either…but if the latter sounds better, let’s chat!

Let's chat!

Ready for online business management?

Let us know what your business looks like now…and how you’re dreaming it could be. Then, let’s make an action plan to get there!

Your business deserves you as the leader you’re meant to be.

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