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Take confident action on your project

strategy intensive for coaches

It's not about research.
It's about expertise.

Generic tactics that aren’t aligned to your coaching business no longer work.

The key is specialized coaching industry knowledge tailored to your unique business.

That’s the kind of strategy that makes your business massively successful.

get strategic support for coaching

Here’s what you don’t have to do after working with us:


No more endlessly Googling without clear answers.


No more second guessing what move is best.


No more late nights anxiously spinning your wheels and making zero progress.

obm strategy intensives for coaches

To really break through from overwhelm into clarity and action...

You need targeted strategy and a customized action plan that honor your unique gifts

Half-Day Strategy Intensive

In a deep dive 3-hour strategy call (recorded via Zoom) we discuss your project and what your goals are to make it successful. We then strategize and craft a clear and tailored roadmap that you can get started on today to finally take confident action. Plus, you get email support for two weeks for any follow-up questions.

Examples of What The Strategy Intensive Can Cover
(although you're free to choose any topic you'd prefer)
Million Dollar Membership Model

Million Dollar Membership Model

Define your membership tiers, perks and pricing so you attract high-value clients begging for exclusive access.

High-Converting Sales System

High-Converting Sales System

Map out your sales process, scripts, objections and follow-ups so you seamlessly lead clients to say "yes!"

Customer Journey Optimization

Customer Journey Optimization

Outline your lead magnet sequence, tripwires, core offer and ascension path so you turn cold traffic into raving fans.

Rapid Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding Expereince

Design your client welcome protocols, first 30 days and onboarding automation so new buyers start off thrilled with quick wins.

Email List Growth Generator

Email List Growth Generator

Build lead magnets, freebie offers and list segmentation so you can grow and nurture engaged subscribers for recurring revenue.

90-Day Visibility Accelerator

90-Day Visibility Accelerator

Define your marketing mix across channels and partnerships so that you become the go-to leader prospects turn to again and again.

what you get in coaching strategy sessions
What's Included
everything you get in our 1:1 obm strategy intensive

3-hour recorded Zoom call


Detailed session notes shared immediately after the call so you can get started ASAP


Clear step-by-step action plan Google Doc


Follow-up email support for fourteen days

Your time is valuable. Instead of wasting hours and hours with trial-and-error, get a solid plan to start immediately.

$697 USD

You Asked, We Answered...

We work with coaches across many different niches – business, career, health/wellness, relationships, spiritual and more. Our strategies can be customized for coaching businesses at any stage.

Unlike generic business advice, the Live In Your Genius Strategy Intensive is hyper-focused on getting you a comprehensive, tailored action plan specifically for your coaching business and goals. We leverage our specialized expertise in the coaching industry to solve one problem for you in this 3-hour block, where you get step-by-step solutions instead of just ideas.

During our deep-dive call, we discuss your business, goals, target clients and your current challenge. From there, we co-create a detailed roadmap based on your unique situation. All your questions are answered and your next steps are crystal clear!

You’ll receive two weeks of email support from me to ask any follow-up questions as you start implementing your tailored strategy and action steps.

Nope, our Strategy Intensive can benefit coaches at any experience level who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or want to take their established business to the next level of growth.

case study

Amazing JOB TITLE Randi wanted an all-in-one system for her business. Her previous way relied on inconsistent Zapier connections and felt her offers were all over the place.

black checkmark

Got her setup in the right all-in-one platform for courses, sessions, digital products and events

black checkmark

Figured out the priority and plan to move all her paid products over seemlessly

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